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User Centered Design

User-centred Design (UCD) is an iterative methodology for creating a great user experience. It is also employed to accomplish the activities that make up the new innovative technique called Design Thinking. The international standards organisation specifies Human-centered design for interactive systems in ISO standard 9241-210.

UCD is all about changing how software development is done. How? You involve users early on in your requirements specification and throughout design and development. This helps you avoid failure caused by assuming you know what users want!

Organising screens around how users think also help you to avoid the known problems inherent in making users follow designer intuitions or developer rules. Finally, testing to see if designs make sense to users, and if users can perceive and locate critical interface controls, can help you mitigate poor quality or lost business.

We also help our clients to set up their external UX team, internal UX team, lab etc.


We target users behavior, workflow, and cultural triggers are important. And contextual interviews will take place at the customer's home or workplace. This context research aims to intercept how and why users relate to your brand and how they go about solving their problems. Gaining empathy from field studies is a powerful tool for Design Thinking. Personas are design tools we use to map user needs to your features and functionality for improvement or innovation. We follow a thorough process for each project and make sure that our clients are getting the maximum out of this.

Our Services are;

  • User Research
  • Usability Audit
  • Usability Testing
  • Field Studies
  • Expert Reviews


Underneath every design is an interaction model, and this model dictates how a user interacts with an interface. Interaction Design maps out the flow, navigation, and use of each aspect of functionality, including your user behaviour, conversion path and call to action.

Our Services are;

  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design
  • Mobile Usability Design
  • Gamification
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality¬†Design
  • Infographics

UI Development

UI Development is an integral part of any product design process. Bringing a dynamic user experience is an integral part of that process. We do this with a holistic approach that our clients can feel and experience.

Our Services are;

  • HTML Wireframe (High-fidelity prototype)
  • Responsive Development
  • Dynamic Interface Development